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We stock new and pre-owned scooters to suit all budgets and needs. All of our scooters have a variable speed control and can be tried on our open forecourt. The 3 types of mobility scooters we stock are:


Car Boot Scooters (4 MPH)

Our Car Boot scooters will fit into most car boots. These scooters are easily dismantled or folded to give you the easiest travelling experience possible. These scooters are ideal for town and pavement use.


Pavement Scooters (4 MPH)

These 4 MPH pavement scooters are ideal for use from your home into your town or village. They have a long range and high power. These scooters provide great comfort.


Road Scooters (8 MPH)

These Road scooters can be used on roads and pavements. Our Road scooters are the heaviest duty and most powerful scooters we sell. We have Road scooters suitable for most terrains.

 These mobility aids have enabled many people to live independently when they have problems with walking or standing for periods of time.

They run on a battery that can be re-charged overnight so you can continue to get around with minimum fuss.

We have access to an excellent range of Mobility Scooters that can suit all different mobility types.

Please get in touch with us if you would like some more information on these excellent mobility vehicles.


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