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The new generation Illusion scooter has been designed and manufactured to be light. It’s extremely lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium components combined with the exceptionally light but powerful lithium battery pack makes this scooter the lightest 4wheel, car transportable, full suspension scooter in the world!

Its unique splitting design means the Illusion is fast and easy to take apart and reassemble with the heaviest disassembled part weighing under 10kg! This makes it so much easier to handle especially when lifting is required such as putting into or taking it out of your car. Furthermore the unique tiller controls allows you to use either your fingers or thumbs to control the scooter.

  • Ultra-Lightweight lithium battery
  • Manufactured with aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Heaviest part when disassembled weighs less than 10kg
  • All-round suspension with superbly comfortable ride 
  • Also available with a twin battery pack, allowing you to double your travel distance
ModelIllusionIllusion EnduranceIllusion Epic
Speed (max)4mph4mph4mph
Battery TypeLithiumLithiumLithium
Battery Size10Ah 240Wh Lithium21Ah 504Wh Lithium34Ah 816Wh Lithium
Battery Weight3 kg4.5 kg6 kg
User weight (Max)18 st. (115 kg)18 st. (115 kg)18 st. (115 kg)
Heaviest part when disassembled9.9kg9.9kg9.9kg
Total Weight (without batteries, arms or basket)25.5 kg25.5 kg25.5 kg
Total Weight (without batteries)28 kg28 kg28 kg
Total Weight (with standard batteries, without arms or basket)25.5 kg25.5 kg25.5 kg
Total Weight (with standard batteries)31 kg31 kg31 kg
Overall Length1035 mm (41 in.)1035 mm (41 in.)1035 mm (41 in.)
Overall Width490 mm (19 in.)490 mm (19 in.)490 mm (19 in.)
Overall Height920 mm (36 in.)920 mm (36 in.)920 mm (36 in.)


The QFold scooter is a revolutionary lightweight, but strong and stable, folding scooter that can be folded in seconds for ease of transportation and storage. The chassis is manufactured in ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium for optimum durability and strength. The QFold also benefits from it’s exceptionally lightweight lithium battery that is both accessible and simple to remove so you can easily move it to a preferred charging location. The tiller has forward/back adjustment allowing for the perfect user position. The wide and spacious seat gives a fantastically enjoyable and comfortable driving experience. Together with the secure-grip handlebar, which gives you full control over manoeuvring the scooter; it is incredibly easy to use and is highly manoeuvrable with great turning ability.

  • Complete chassis made from ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium.
  • Designed for lifting in and out of the car boot with ease.
  • Very lightweight lithium battery pack that can be charged off board.
  • Highly manoeuvrable and stable driving with great turning ability .
  • Folds in seconds for ease of transport and storage.
Speed (Max)4 mph
Battery TypeLithium
Battery Size10Ah / 1.7Kg
User Weight (Max)18 St. (115Kg)
Total Weight without Battery17.5 Kg
Total Weight with Battery 18.95 Kg
Overall Length1000 mm (39.5in.)
Overall Width / Seat Width550mm (21.5in.) / 430mm (17 in.)
Overall Height940 mm (37in.)

Globetrotter Folding Scooter

The Globe Trotter is an advanced lightweight automatic electric folding scooter. It has been designed and manufactured for the busy traveller, folding down to a compact size for a simple storage solution. It can be easily folded and unfolded by a remote-control key fob in just 10 seconds, providing a quick and easy transport and storage solution for users on the go.

The four-wheel design offers safe & stable driving capability, together with the high ground clearance allowing you to take the scooter wherever you need to. The Globe Trotter is also extremely lightweight at only 26kg making it ideal for travelling.

  • Ultra-lightweight lithium battery
  • Fast and easy to fold at a press of a button
  • Lightweight aluminium frame and components
  • Easy on and off charging with excellent access to the battery
  • Four-wheel design and high ground clearance offers safe & stable driving
Speed (max)4mph
Battery TypeLithium
Battery Size10Ah / 240Wh
Battery Weight2 kg
User weight (Max)18st. (115 kg)
Total Weight (without batteries)26kg
Total Weight (with batteries)28 kg
Overall Length1000 mm (39.5 in.)
Overall Width / Seat Width540 mm (21 in.) / 460mm (18 in.)
Overall Height890 mm (35 in.)
Folded Length460 mm (18 in.)
Folded Width540 mm (21 in.)
Folded Height660 mm (26 in.)


The Vantage has amazing full suspension which creates a comfortable user experience, and a smoother and more relaxed ride. This scooter features a heavy-duty motor and a weight capacity of 26 stone, it is also the ultimate transportable pavement scooter, perfect for tackling hills and slightly rougher terrain. With fast and easy assembling and disassembling, the Vantage is ideal for those needing to transport the scooter. This scooter features two charging points, one located on the tiller for quick and easy access and one on the battery pack itself, allowing you to remove the battery to charge it in a separate location to the scooter. Its large spacious foot deck and supportive deluxe adjustable seat ensures a luxurious driving experience. The Vantage includes the choice of either pneumatic comfort tyres or solid puncture-proof tyres, the choice is yours. The additional extras make this scooter truly unique. This includes the powerful LED front light for dusky drives, the drinks holder and the USB charger point for when you forget to charge your phone.

  • Easy access tiller charger & powerful LED light
  • Heavy duty motor with 26 stone capacity
  • All round ultra-comfort suspension
  • Tackles inclines and hills with ease
Speed (max)4mph
Travel Range (Max)*16 mi. (26 km)
Battery (Max)2 x 12V 22Ah AGM
User weight (Max)26 st. (170 kg)
Heaviest part when disassembled18 kg
Total Weight (without batteries)46.7 kg
Battery Box Weight14 kg
Total Weight (with batteries)63 kg
Overall Length1200 mm (47 in.)
Overall Width / Seat Width540 mm (21 in.) / 460mm (18 in.)
Overall Height940 mm (37 in.)


The revolutionary Marlin which is an extremely lightweight, comfortable, strong and stable scooter and can be disassembled into parts in a matter of seconds for easy lifting and transportation. The complete chassis is manufactured from ultra-lightweight aircraft grade aluminium for optimum durability and long-lasting use with the heaviest part weighing less that 12kg. Combined with the ultra-light high capacity lithium battery the Marlin offers a great solution for the user that needs a ‘car-transportable’ mobility scooter. Lightweight but highly capable, the large 230mm diameter wheels allows the Marlin to easily tackle uneven terrain and thanks to its advanced engineered full front and rear suspension, complete with the comfortable and spacious deep foam seat, you can always be sure to have an enjoyable driving experience. Many other features ensure that you have full control when driving include; adjustable arm width, comfortable swivel seat, powerful front LED light, secure-grip delta handlebar and the choice of either Pneumatic ‘soft-ride’ or Solid ‘puncture-proof’ tyres. 

  • Complete chassis made from ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Very lightweight lithium battery pack available in either 21ah or 34ah high capacity batteries
  • Large 230mm diameter pneumatic soft ride or solid puncture proof tyres.
  • Designed for lifting in and out of the car boot with ease
  • All-round suspension giving exceptional comfort
  • Easy to take apart and reassemble in seconds





 Battery Type


 Standard Battery (Size/Weight)  


 Epic Battery (Size/Weight) 


 User Weight

 21st. (135kg)

 Heaviest Part


 Total weight without batteries


 Total weight with standard batteries


 Overall Length

 1160mm (45.5in.)

 Overall Width

 560mm (22in.)

 Overall Height

 920mm (36in.)


 230mm (9in.)

 Tyre Type

 Puncture Proof/Pneumatic


 Adjustable Front & Rear


 Front LED


 2 Amp Lithium

 Charging Type

 Off-board via battery box/Tiller Charger

 Climbing Gradient

 6 Degrees

 Ground Clearance

 110mm (4.5in.)

 Turning Radius

 1500mm (59in.)


 Deluxe Adjustable

 Seat Width

 460mm (18in.)

 Seat Height


 Tiller Lock






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