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 Mobility scooters help thousands of people live independently every day and enhance their lives. They help people in many ways, from carrying out everyday tasks to going on weekends away and everything in between.  Many of our customers say that buying a mobility scooter changed their life and that they couldn’t imagine life without one now.

 A common question we get asked when selling mobility scooters is whether they need to get insurance for their mobility scooter, the simple answer to this question is no. At the time of writing, there are no laws that make mobility scooter insurance compulsory, however, it is recommended to insure your scooter. Without mobility scooter insurance you may be liable for any damages that are caused by your scooter, this can be to people or property. For more, up to date information go to the Government Website.  

The following are some reasons why getting insurance for your mobility scooter may be beneficial:

  • You are using a mobility scooter for the first time
    Riding a mobility scooter is a simple task and shouldn’t be a thing to worry about. However, like most things, it can take some getting used to. Insurance would give you peace of mind.
  • You are worried about the security of your scooter
    If you are worried about your scooter being stolen because you don’t have a reliable place to store it then insurance may be a good choice.
  • You are buying a road (Class 3) scooter, which are faster and bigger
    If you are buying a road (Class 3) scooter it may be more beneficial to get insurance. This is because they are bigger and faster than pavement and car boot scooters (Class 2). They are generally worth more money as well.

 Mobility scooters are very safe. They have front and rear lights, indicators, secure keys or locking systems and also stop very fast, with a brake for even quicker emergency stops. So, with this in mind, accidents and theft are very low risk and nothing to worry about. However, scooter insurance isn’t that expensive so it may be worth it just to put your mind at rest if it is something you’re worrying about. Unfortunately, we don’t provide scooter insurance, this article is purely to help and provide answers to commonly asked questions we receive. One company we do recommend for insurance is Fish, they specialise in disability insurance. 

 We hope we have answered your questions and put your mind at rest. If you still have questions that have not been answered please don’t hesitate to ring us on 01747 829549 or come into our showroom, we will be happy to help. Since you’ve read this article you must be thinking about buying a mobility scooter. If you are, check out one of our previous articles (Our guide to choosing a mobility scooter) to help you through the process of choosing which scooter is perfect for you.


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